Cases in which Calbom & Schwab represented injured persons, or are currently representing an injured person, in personal injury claims arising out of automobile, trucking, motorcycle, boating, construction, or product liability claims, as well as medical malpractice, wrongful death and denial of civil rights:

  • Failure to diagnose prostate cancer
  • Worker falls in uncovered but lit 30-foot deep pit
  • Construction worker falls from roof due to improper fall protection by a general contractor
  • Nursing home death due to a product defect in the patient lift mechanism
  • Winter time car accident due to teenage driver speeding through the intersection and crossing over into opposing lane of traffic
  • Trucking accident when commercial tire and wheel break free, injuring motorist
  • Head/brain injury in rear-end automobile accident
  • Suit against the county for improper signing of a highway, leading to a motorcycle accident
  • Motorcyclist run off the road by a passing motorist
  • Pedestrian in crosswalk run down by car, resulting in brain trauma.

The preceding examples are of cases in which we have had the privilege of representing the injured victim. The facts are very abridged and provided more as an example of the type of cases handled by this law firm over recent years.

If requested, greater specifics about the cases can be provided but will exclude the client’s identity, and, in some cases, the defendant’s identity, primarily to protect our client’s privacy. Most importantly, with any listing of cases, by any law firm, please note that each case is different and that prior results should not create an expectation on the part of a current or prospective client that the results in the cases above represent any assurance of recovery on the client’s behalf or any recovery of a similar amount. Any law firm’s failure to inform you of such is a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC 7.1) of the Washington State Bar Association.