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38 E Main St #209
Walla Walla, WA 99362

Recovering Compensation in Walla Walla

Residents across the state of Washington and throughout the Walla Walla Valley have successfully recovered compensation owed to them with help from Calbom & Schwab. If you believe you are entitled to damages from another person, a business, or an insurance company and are met with resistance, Calbom & Schwab can help.

We have helped clients seek justice and compensation for their injuries, illnesses, and medical conditions. Our clients have a variety of legal problems, such as the following.

  • Work at a local winery? A shop on Main Street? On one of the many Walla Walla farms? We help you resolve workers’ compensation claims when your right to full benefits is not upheld.
  • Did another driver cause a car accident? Did you slip and fall in a residential or commercial property? We help you file a personal injury case against the negligent party.
  • Our attorneys fight for your right to Social Security disability benefits when a catastrophic injury or serious medical condition prevents you from working and earning a living.

We Love Walla Walla – And We Love Helping Its Residents

Whether you’re a nature fan with a love of the outdoors or a budding fashionista looking for the next local fashion trend, Walla Walla has something for everyone. The thriving downtown has become a pinnacle of arts and entertainment with its numerous boutique shops, museums, and cultural activities. Among the locally-owned shops and restaurants, downtown is where you can enjoy the fruits of Walla Walla wine country’s labors at one of the many wine tasting rooms.

Those who aren’t content to sit, sip, or stroll along historic Main Street are entranced by the rolling hills and sunny skies just outside of the city. The welcoming climate and mild temperatures are excellent for growing the grapes that for generations have made Walla Walla wines some of the finest in the state.

Cyclists have pinned Walla Walla as a must-ride spot, thanks to its plentiful rural farm roads, great for beginners and casual cyclists. For the hardcore enthusiasts, mountain trails can provide that rush of adrenaline some cyclists crave.

Contact Our Attorneys for a Free Consultation

When one of our Walla Walla neighbors is injured in an accident at work, harmed by another’s negligent actions, or suffers a disabling condition, we are there to help pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives. If you have a personal injury, Social Security disability, or workers’ compensation case, we’re just around the corner. Call us today at 509-204-1587 to schedule a free consultation.

Driving Directions

From Eureka

Head East towards Lamar on WA-124 E. Take Harvey Shaw RD exit and continue 16 miles south towards Walla Walla. Turn Left onto W Reese Ave. Turn Right onto N 4th Ave near Kelty’s Auto Parts. Continue onto N 2nd Ave. In one mile turn left onto E Main St. Our Office is located on the right just passed S 1st Ave next to Macy’s.

From Dayton

Head West on US-12 W for 4.4 miles then turn left onto US-12 W/Coppei Ave to continue straight on US-12 W for 20.5 miles. Take the 2nd Ave exit towards city center and continue for a half mile before turning right onto N 2nd Ave. At the Tellmans Pharmacy turn left onto E Main St. Our Office is located on the right just passed S 1st Ave next to Macy’s.