Moses Lake

Moses Lake Personal Injury and Workers’ Compensation Lawyers

Moses Lake is a community built upon the toil and principles of commerce, equality and leadership, uniting farmers, and business owners to create a close-knit society. Nestled around the second largest natural lake in Washington State, there are a variety of water sports to be had, in summer as well as winter. Tourists come from all over the state to catch the sun and some sand at the Sand Dunes, where a wide array of trucks, bikes, four-wheelers, and buggies motor about. Fishing, hunting and bird watching are enjoyed by both the young and the young-at-heart.  Moses Lake boasts many avenues of employment with enriching agriculture fields, family owned businesses, factory technicians, aerospace pilots, and medical field operators. Just off I-90, it hosts many summer-time concerts, a long tradition of festivals and carnivals, as well as several parks around the lake, a water park to cool off in the summer heat and boasts of beautiful sunsets.

Calbom & Schwab is proud to be part of the community by supporting organizations such as: blood drives, Boy Scouts of America, local fund raisers, marathons, and local veterans. Several of our staff were born and raised in Eastern Washington and have ties to the people and the area.  We have a strong belief in our community being our family, and we strive to provide services to any individual who seeks our assistance.
 Sunset in Moses Lake, WA