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$1,300,000 - Product defect causing amputation to arm.
$1,200,000 - Young boy received severe head trauma when the ATV four wheeler he was riding as a passenger flipped over.
$1,000,000 - Policy limits - Product liability claim resulting in paraplegia due to defect in hydraulic systems, but limited recovery as primary defendant was uninsured. An additional $30,000 was received for each of his two daughters.
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Personal Injury, Workers’ Compensation & Social Security Disability Attorneys in Washington

Calbom & Schwab, P.S.C. was founded over 60 years ago to meet the needs of injured and disabled individuals throughout the state of Washington. Our attorneys work very hard at recovering damages and securing disability benefits for our clients, providing ethical and dependable legal counsel that the community has come to expect from us.

Our firm primarily handles three distinct types of cases:

Personal Injury – If you suffered an injury because of another party’s negligence, then you may have a personal injury case. Examples of circumstances that might warrant a personal injury claim include traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, dog attacks, medical mistakes, and defective product injuries. When you are hurt or you loved one is killed and another person or business is at fault, Calbom & Schwab, P.S.C. can help you hold that party legally responsible for your losses and help you secure a settlement.
Workers' Compensation – Our firm handles even the most difficult workers’ compensation claims. Workers’ compensation is meant to be a relatively open-and-shut way for workers to get income replacement benefits and medical benefits when they’ve been injured on the job. Unfortunately, insurers often dispute the claims or prematurely cease benefits. Our workers’ compensation team can help injured employees pursue the benefits to which they’re entitled – in the full, rightful amount and for the full, rightful duration.
Social Security Disability – If you're permanently disabled or will be unable to return to work for an extended period of time, you might be entitled to Social Security disability benefits. The Social Security Administration requires substantial proof of disability in order to grant benefits, as well as a certain amount of work credits or income/asset requirements. Many claims are initially denied. Calbom & Schwab, P.S.C. can help clients with their Social Security disability claims at any stage of the process, and help you secure the benefits you and your family need.

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Moses Lake – The beautiful town of Moses Lake is characterized by pristine scenery and friendly faces. It’s a close-knit community that boasts diverse commerce, from agricultural operations to aerospace technology. It also brings many tourists to the area for watersports around the lake. Several of our staff members have ties to Moses Lake, and when someone in the area has been injured, we consider it a privilege to assist them with their legal needs.
Richland/Tri-Cities – The Tri-Cities of Pasco, Richland, and Kennewick are in the heart of wine country and attract nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts from all over. The area is also bustling with commerce and industrialism. Our firm has been serving the Tri-Cities for well over half a century. We offer free consultations and bilingual support for anyone in need of a lawyer after they’ve been injured or have become disabled.
Wenatchee – It’s difficult to put the beauty of Wenatchee into words, but if you reside in the community or have visited, you understand what we’re talking about. Not only is the town situated between water, mountains, and fields, but the cultural diversity and arts scene are also quite remarkable. Our firm established itself many decades ago in Wenatchee to help the injured and disabled in the area. We’ve become deeply rooted in the community and haven’t looked back since.
Seattle – Over 650,000 people call the Emerald City home, an area with a unique blend of lush forests and parkland combined with a lively city and a thriving tech industry. When someone in Seattle becomes injured or disabled, our team at Calbom & Schwab stands ready to help. We offer Seattle residents free case evaluations, bilingual support, and the personalized attention our clients have come to expect.
Ellensburg – We have had the pleasure of serving several generations of farmers and other local workers in Ellensburg and throughout Washington State. We take pride in helping the diverse residents in Ellensburg that have been struck by injury. Whether it’s a personal injury, workers' compensation, or Social Security disability claim, if you need counsel, Calbom & Schwab is here to help.
Walla Walla – Our firm, located on E. Main Street in Walla Walla, has undertaken scores of injury, workers’ compensation, and disability cases for local residents. It’s our sincere desire to continue to serve the community by funding local initiatives, getting involved in community events, and offering excellent legal counsel to anyone who needs it. With our free evaluations and contingency-based fee structure, Walla Walla residents can retain one of our attorneys with no upfront costs and no risk.