Social Security Disability and Diabetes

When it comes to evaluating disability for persons who have diabetes, either Type I or Type II, Social Security regulations have undergone significant changes in the last 10 years. For many years, the Social Security Administration had a specific “listing of impairment” that included diabetes mellitus. However, about 10 years ago they dropped diabetes from… Read More

Applying for Social Security Disability

In my worker’s compensation practice, those who are unable to work often ask about applying for Social Security disability. If they don’t ask, I will take the time to advise them of the advantage of receiving Social Security disability in addition to their worker’s compensation benefit. Applying for these benefits is easy. If you have… Read More

Your Right to Choose Your Medical Provider

When you are injured on the job, or suffer an occupational disease, your first steps will be to obtain a medical provider and to file an industrial insurance claim. All too often, workers are told by an employer, or someone in a Human Resources department with the employer, that they need to go to a… Read More

Liability Waivers in Washington Personal Injury Cases

If you or your children have ever participated in activities such as organized sports or fun-runs, attended a motocross or racing event, or even perhaps ridden carnival rides, it’s likely you signed a liability waiver. The basic idea of the waiver is to release one party from all liability related to its services, including negligent… Read More

Bicycles Versus Cars – what to know to keep you safe

In the spring, summer and fall months in Eastern Washington we see a lot of bicyclists out enjoying the beautiful weather, getting some exercise, or commuting to work. When a bicyclist is on the roadway, however, there are specific laws in place to protect not on the bicyclist, but pedestrians and even those operating vehicles…. Read More

Facing the Truth about your Health

Whether filing for Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), or Worker’s Compensation, coming to terms with the panoply of medical conditions that render you disabled is often a difficult challenge. As human beings, we derive pleasure and meaning from being productive, from contributing to our families, to our communities, through the work we… Read More

Reopening a Claim an Industrial Injury or Occupational Disease

When an injured worker has his/her closed, under RCW 51.32.160, the worker has a right to reopen their claim, with certain requirements and limitations. First, the right to reopen for worsening accrues to the injured worker and last for seven years from the date of the first closing order that becomes final. The Department of… Read More