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Many immigrant workers throughout Washington do not speak English and their employers do not speak Spanish. Yet these same immigrants are working in the most dangerous of all industries, including orchard work, sorting, farm labor, pruning, thinning, packaging, food processing, irrigation work and tractor driving.

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury, you have a right to worker’s compensation benefits. It may not be necessary to retain legal services yet, but one of our attorneys can review your worker’s compensation claim and answer your questions in a free initial consultation.

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Whether you are a Spanish speaker who was injured in the orchards, or an English speaker hurt while sorting, our experienced attorneys can help you understand your rights and advocate on your behalf.

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What If My Claim Is Denied?

After you file your worker’s compensation claim, the Department of Labor and Industries will notify you whether it has been accepted. If you receive a letter from the Washington Department of Labor and Industries stating that your claim for time loss, medical expenses or permanent partial disability has been denied, you must file a protest within 60 days to keep the possibility of receiving benefits open. You must file this protest before the Worker’s Compensation Board of Appeals at the Department of Labor and Industries.

What If the Board of Appeals Turns Me Down?

Your case will be closed if you do not file a timely appeal to the Board of Industrial Insurance Appeals. We can help you prepare a strong appeal based on more than 50 years of fighting with integrity and skill on the side of injured workers.

Our law firm focuses exclusively on helping injured people navigate through the legal processes to obtain compensation and stabilize their lives. We have an extensive understanding of issues of employability, qualifications and medical certification. Our attorneys include an author of several articles for El Mundo Magazine on worker’s compensation.

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