Finding A New Direction to Work For You

The vast majority of our clients want to work. They want to be productive, fulfilled in life by building a family and home based on the rewards of their efforts. Few people want a free ride on the government’s dime, and we respect the hard work that seriously injured or disabled people could contribute before their injury, and possibly after their injury, with proper retraining.

While we aggressively fight for our clients’ rights for worker’s compensation benefits such as permanent partial disability, we constantly help people who want to continue being productive members of the work force. There are programs for vocational rehabilitation in place that we can help you explore to put your skills and talents to work.

Along with introducing clients to the benefits of vocational rehabilitation, our lawyers can also help workers who are not receiving training or are receiving training that is poorly designed for their skills. We can assist these workers in matching their skills and abilities to a more meaningful training program.

Putting the System to Work for You

Vocational rehabilitation is designed to be part of a system that works to protect your earning power when you’ve been injured on the job. You may need the help of our law firm’s attorneys to ensure that the system is working for you.

Vocational rehabilitation programs can sometimes introduce you to a career that matches your skills and abilities, but it should not put you into a position that dramatically reduces your ability to live your life and provide for your family without a viable alternative for your lost earning potential.

When the Department of Labor & Industries or the vocational rehabilitation program seems to be working against you rather than for you, our law firm can represent your interest in turning things around. We can guide you through the review and appeal process, and help you get the compensation and training you need to be effective.

With decades of experience focusing on work injury cases, our office will be an effective and ethical team working to protect your rights and needs, while meeting your desire to participate in the workforce. Contact us to schedule a free initial consultation at one of our convenient offices in Washington.

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