Representing You In Cases of Third Party Liability

Were you injured on-the-job by the negligence of a third party? You have a right to bring a claim for on-the-job injuries against persons other than your employer/co-worker, even if you are receiving worker’s compensation benefits for an on-the-job injury. For example, if your injury was caused by defective equipment or as a result of someone’s negligence, you should qualify. Bringing such a claim benefits your employer by reducing the cost experience of the employer because the employer’s worker’s compensation account is reimbursed in part out of such a recovery. You also benefit, in that you can make a recovery for losses you have suffered which are not covered under Washington industrial insurance laws.

If you are intentionally injured by an employer/co-worker or injured in the parking lot of your employer due to negligent maintenance, inadequate lighting or other hazards, you may have a claim against your employer or co-worker who was responsible.

  • If you are injured because of defective equipment – you are protected.
  • If you are injured in a motor vehicle accident while traveling for work – you may have a claim for both worker’s compensation and recovery against the other person responsible for the accident.
  • If you are injured by a delivery driver or on-site visitor – you are protected.

Knowing When To Have Representation

If you have suffered an on-the-job injury associated with third party liability, then the Department of Labor & Industries offers you the option of choosing representation for your case or having representation assigned to you.

Hiring an independent on-the-job attorney, such as Calbom & Schwab, offers you access to representation that is 100% dedicated to your needs and rights. We are committed to pursuing your maximum benefits and making certain that your expenses associated with lost wages, medical bills and other damages are taken care of.

Waiving your right to choose your lawyer in third-party liability claims can leave you exposed and vulnerable to a department that may not have your best interests at heart.

A Responsible and Reliable Approach

Our clients aren’t people looking to turn a quick buck at the expense of the system.

Our clients are:

  • Hard working people who have suffered an injury at work
  • People with a responsibility to look out for themselves and their family
  • Workers who have suffered lost wages and lost work time
  • People who want the system to live up to its obligations

If you’ve suffered an on-the-job injury and need to make sure that you are receiving appropriate compensation, whether because of third party liability or otherwise, take advantage of our free initial consultation and contingency based fees and speak to a professional. We have 50 years of experience serving Washington families.

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