Safeguarding the Future for You and Your Family

Your ability to provide for yourself and your family should not be put at risk because of a work-related injury.

When you have suffered an injury that permanently prevents you from retaining gainful employment and having the resources to support your family, then you may be eligible to pursue an undying solution such as pension claims.

Pension awards provide families with a lifelong source of income to offset wages lost due to a work-related injury.

The precise circumstances may differ from case to case. Perhaps you have pursued alternative professions and sought vocational training, but still found that you can’t sustain an eight hour work day. Or, maybe you think you’ve been unfairly denied pension benefits. No matter what the facts are, our lawyers have the experience and reputation to handle your claim for you.

With contingency based fees and a free initial consultation, you have nothing to lose by scheduling an appointment to discuss your case with one of our attorneys.

A Permanent Solution

Our clients are honest and hard-working people. It rarely occurs to people that their injury is preventing them from working. Sometimes the system takes advantage of this tendency, so it’s up to us to demand pension claim benefits for people who truly need them.

With decades of experience handling worker’s compensation cases, we can help you determine the level of assistance you need. For some people who can continue to sustain some level of gainful employment, permanent partial disability may be the answer, but for others, we suggest a solution involving pension benefits.

Whether we need to pursue a pension benefit for your permanent injury or appeal your rejected claim, our office is ready to assist you.

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