Hiring an attorney – Web review



Hiring an attorney – web review will tell you much about them? If you have been injured, you probably should have an attorney.  Listen to Abraham Lincoln and others. The law allows you to represent yourself.  But look a little deeper at the sage advice from a very wise and respected persons of the past.  Abraham Lincoln has been quoted as saying: “If you represent yourself you will have a fool for a client and a jack-ass for a lawyer”.

I remember backpacking through Europe as a college student with no plans to attend law school, and to pass idle time I carried with me the Charles Dickens novel, Pickwick Papers. Mr. Dickens had great respect for the judiciary, and part of the novel focused on the abuse of Mr. Pickwick by the legal system with the point being how important good representation is to the wronged party.

Hiring an attorney – web review is discouraged by insurance companies, guess why? Too often the injured person is convinced by the insurance company or the large corporation that they will be fair in evaluating and investigating whether they are responsible and to what extent they are responsible for the injuries and harms suffered by the victim. But the real goal of the insurance company is to minimize what they have to pay out to you; after all, they have shareholders to whom they must report their profits.  Hiring an attorney – web review of the attorney is a simple step to find quality attorneys.

The minute you begin representing yourself against skilled and trained insurance claims adjusters or claims persons for large corporations or governmental agencies, you put yourself in harm’s way as recognized by Abraham Lincoln and Charles Dickens.

Before the days of satellite radio,  I would drive my car back home at nighttime from depositions or court proceeding listening to a radio personality, Bruce Williams. Mr. Williams would give out real estate investment advice or advice on running a small business.  When a caller would describe their attempt to manage their affairs without an attorney, Mr. Williams would be critical of their failure to hire an attorney, he would ask: Haven’t you been listening to my show? He had a very simple point, you could hire an attorney for a mere $500 to spend one hour reviewing the contract, and you just purchased the cheapest insurance available to you in that business deal. In short, if you got bad advice from the attorney, you can always sue the attorney for your damages.


While most law firms that engage in personal injury work are contingency law firms, only charging a percentage of what is recovered, you can take advantage of the wisdom of Mr. Williams, by consulting with an attorney, but in the case of a personal injury claim, the consultation is free, and you have just now purchased yourself a form of insurance in regard to claim. If the attorney fails to provide quality services arising out of your claim, even though it was free advice, you can always sue the attorney for your damages, and this is especially true if you hire the attorney.  And as an old law school professor of mine used to state: “When suing a doctor for medical malpractice, it is very difficult to find another doctor who will testify against the physician being sued. But when you sue an attorney, you can probably find a line of attorneys willing to testify on your behalf against the attorney.”

There are certainly cases where an attorney is not needed. If you find an ethical attorney, they will hopefully give you the options available to you. There are good resources for finding an ethical attorney, LexisNexis Martindale-Hubbell or AVVO.com.  Here are some link examples or sources in hiring an attorney – web review:





There are many reasons why an attorney is not needed, for example, you have extensive damages but the defendant has minimal insurance coverage, your damages appear to be mild with treatment potentially allowing you to make a full and complete recovery in a very short time period.  But even in these example cases, seeing an attorney is good advice, you are following the advice of Bruce Williams.

Historically, those with attorneys recover substantially greater compensation for their harms and damages.