Supplemental Security Income Attorneys

Not everyone is eligible for Social Security disability benefits, but those are not the only type of benefit potentially available from Social Security. If you do not have the requisite work history for SSD, you may still be eligible for Supplemental Security Income, or SSI. Our lawyers will help you explore opportunities to get the Social Security disability benefits you deserve.

Putting Your Social Security Claim Back in Your Hands

Supplemental Security Income is a form of Social Security benefits available to people who have not had the chance to work long enough to become insured. It most often applies to younger people, stay-at-home parents, and people who have been through a divorce without the chance to work.

Like Social Security disability claims, there is a test you must pass in order to prove eligibility. It requires the same medical proof as SSD, but you must also demonstrate a financial need as well.

Our attorneys will look at your case file and help you understand the strength of your case.

Simplifying the SSI Process

At we are dedicated to making the process of applying for benefits as simple as possible. You will have secure, online access to your case file on the Internet so you can get the information you need without ever having to leave your home. We will be there to answer your questions throughout the process:

  • Disability claim applications
  • Disability claim appeals
  • ALJ disability hearings

Managing cases over the Internet allows us to help our clients more quickly and more effectively. If you do not have a computer, or if you are not comfortable using one, our staff will walk you through the process in person or over the phone. In all cases, our level of compassion and commitment will remain the same.

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We are a law firm based in Washington state and dedicated to helping our clients get the Supplemental Security Income they deserve. We understand the difficulties you are experiencing and we will take the time to listen to your concerns. Contact us today for a free initial consultation and become a partner in the process of obtaining your benefits. We have locations throughout Washington, and — through our online portal — our lawyers serve clients across the country.