Attorney Joe Schwab Talking About Experience with Spinal Injury Cases

Sustaining a spinal injury can alter a victim’s life permanently. These injuries can range from moderate to catastrophic, can cause substantial damages and may cause permanent disability.

It’s important for those who sustained spinal injuries to look into all possible forms of compensation after the accident because the medical bills will be quite high and you’ll likely lose income as well. An injury to the spine can cause numerous long-term complications and cost millions of dollars over the course of a victim’s life. For help determining your legal options for recovering damages and to protect your financial future, contact Calbom & Schwab and schedule a consultation: 844-334-5461.

Types of Cases We Handle

Our firm has been assisting injured victims in Washington State for more than 50 years. We handle of back and spine injury cases of any nature, including work-related injuries, auto accidents, slip and fall accidents, defective products, and more.

Spinal injuries refer to damage to any of the spine’s components; the vertebrae, discs and the spinal cord. Some of the types of claims with which our team of attorneys can assist clients are below.

  • Fractures (cervical, lumbar or thoracic)
  • Slipped, herniated, bulging discs
  • Damage to the spinal cord

All the above can cause a major loss of function and mobility, not to mention pain and discomfort. Also, injuries to the spinal cord itself can cause permanent paralysis.

Understanding the Full Impact of the Injury

Not every firm is as well versed in these types of cases. Some firms have very broad practices. However, roughly 70 percent of our cases deal with spinal injuries of some nature, and our track record is quite successful. As such, at Calbom & Schwab, we have a unique understanding and know how to best pursue compensation for our clients.

We take our clients’ futures into consideration when pursuing a settlement for them. We understand that spinal injuries impact victims in myriad and momentous ways. We ask ourselves these questions when determining the damages our clients may recover.

  • What’s this victim’s prognosis and outlook in 10 years? 20 years? 50 years?
  • How will the injury affect the victim’s earning potential?
  • What are the total costs of the injury – not just now, but well into the future?
  • What are the total costs of the injury – not just now, but well into the future?
  • How has the accident and injury affected the victim mentally and emotionally? What types of long-term emotional and psychological complications can the patient expect?
  • How has the victim’s injury affected the family? How will the family meet its needs if an earner is no longer able to work?
  • How do we ensure that our client has justice for his or her losses and pain and suffering?

Our team of injury attorneys determinedly pursues restitution for our clients who have been injured. We fight to ensure they have the funds, tools, and resources to take care of themselves and their families in the aftermath of their accidents.

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If you or your loved one sustained an injury to the spine, we encourage you to call the office today to discuss your case. If you suffered injuries as a result of another party’s negligence, you have rights to fair compensation – and it’s our passion to help you obtain it.

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