Why do I need a collision report?

Injured in an accident – Importance of a collision report

If you’re involved in a collision where there is damage to one of the party’s property and/or someone is injured, it is important to make sure the police are notified for a number of reasons. Some obvious reasons are to make sure emergency services arrive to assist the injured and to alert other drivers on the roadway of the collision. Other important reasons are for he or she to take statements, assess the scene determine, if possible, whether a citation should be issued for a potentially at-fault driver, and to take note of any insurance either party may have.

If you’re meeting with a personal injury attorney about your collision, having a copy of the collision report can be incredibly helpful for the attorney to understand the accident scene, what the officer concluded at the end of his investigation, and if there is any insurance involved. This can also be helpful for you, a party involved in the collision, if you should need further information about the accident or what insurance company you should be in touch with.

Thankfully, the Washington State Patrol has made it easy for the public to obtain a copy of the collision report online for a nominal fee. The WSP receives all vehicle collision reports throughout Washington State, regardless of what police department came on scene (i.e. county, city, WSP). To obtain a copy of your collision report, click the link below to learn more.