Welcome to the Calbom & Schwab Law Group. The law firm was originally established in 1954 by John Calbom. When G. Joe Schwab joined John Calbom in 1978, he quickly became a partner and the firm continued its same areas of practice while the law firm became known as Calbom & Schwab PSC. As of January 1, 2018, this tradition of growth continues and is now known as Calbom & Schwab Law Group.

As Calbom & Schwab Law Group, the firm remains dedicated to the same areas of practice and the same guiding principles of working hard to serve the needs of our clients and remaining active partners within the communities we serve. G. Joe Schwab remains with the firm as the lead attorney in personal injury and worker’s compensation cases. Ashley Grout, who joined the firm in 2012, continues in her work also in personal injury and worker’s compensation cases. Dave Lybbert, who joined the firm in 1986, and Jeff Schwab, who joined the firm in 1989, remains with the firm, limiting their practice to worker’s compensation and Social Security cases.

The Calbom & Schwab Law Group is also proud to announce that the younger associate attorneys, John A. Ditore, who joined the firm in 2017, Courtney Softich, who joined the firm on August 2, 2017, also remain with the firm. The Calbom & Schwab Law Group is especially proud to announce that Courtney Softich was sworn in as an attorney in the State of Washington on April 20, 2018, after having passed the Washington State Bar exam. We look forward to the contribution from all of our associate attorneys in shaping the Calbom & Schwab Law Group for the years ahead. Calbom & Schwab Law Group is designed to give these promising associate attorneys the environment they need to carry the law firm into the future, as we all work together to meet the needs of our clients each and every day.

Our mission is simple: to be the best advocates possible for the people, we have the honor of representing. As a client, we are here to protect your legal interests; as Calbom & Schwab Law Group we will continue our more than a sixty-year tradition of vigorously advocating for each person we represent. Our guiding motto,“ Protecting Individuals, Serving our Community”, embodies the more than sixty-year tradition of this law firm and expresses our deep appreciation for our clients and our community.