Nestled in the Columbia Basin, Ephrata is a wonderland for nature lovers and explorers, as well as a growing family community. It is this community that we strive to protect when a serious health condition or injury hinders the livelihood of one of our neighbors.
We know how important good health and quality of life is to the Ephrata residents, and our goal is to provide assistance in any way possible to improve quality of life in our area. In Grant County, 2,639 residents are currently receiving Social Security Disability Insurance benefits, and we want to help you receive those benefits too.

Your Local Disability Attorney is Looking Out For You

When we begin working on your disability case we get to know you as more than just another file of paperwork. We look at the opportunities you may have to improve your situation through the Social Security disability programs. Sometimes we find that our clients qualify for more than just regular disability benefits. Other times we are able to help them get back to work through the Ticket to Work program or other work incentives.

Even after we have helped you obtain your disability benefits, we keep track of your progress to make sure you continue to receive your due benefits and are keeping your case files up to date with the Social Security Administration. It is this extra attention that allows you to rest easy knowing a disability attorney has your best interests in mind.

Social Security Disability Claims in Ephrata, WA

Our attorneys often find themselves traveling down to the Wenatchee Social Security Field Office on behalf of our clients. If you must attend a disability hearing and choose to do it in-person, we will be right there with you at the Office of Disability Adjudication and Review hearing office in Spokane.

Availability is one of the many benefits of hiring a disability attorney in Ephrata, rather than an attorney from one of those national firms. Our attorneys meet with you in person, they can see the limitations you live with on a daily basis, and they can obtain a better understanding of how to present your case before the Administrative Law Judges. If we think you will benefit from an in-person hearing, we are there by your side helping you present your case.

Getting Started on Your Social Security Disability Benefit Claim

To start your relationship with Calbom & Schwab, all it takes is a phone call to 1-844-334-5461 or filling out our contact form. From there, we will gather your claim information and develop a plan to get you the Social Security disability benefits you are entitled to as quickly and effortlessly as possible.