Personal Injury Settlement Awards

The following cases and recoveries are just a portion of the cases we have settled in the last few years. Each case is different and prior results should not create an expectation of a similar amount. Any law firm’s failure to inform you of such is a violation of the Rules of Professional Conduct (RPC 7.1) of the Washington Bar Association.
2005 – 2007
2000 – 2004


$35,000 January, 2013
Semi-truck driver pulled out from a stop sign in front of our client resulting in soft tissue injuries requiring 3 months of physical therapy.


$10,000.00 April, 2011
A 63 year old gentleman from Walla Walla, suffered an injury to his lower back. His self insured claim was closed without award for permanent partial disability, based upon the nonsensical conclusions of IME examiners, that there were no objective findings to support permanent impairment. Claimant’s attending physician, who’s impartiality is also questionable, suddenly and unexpectedly released him to work his job of injury without restrictions. Calbom and Schwab appealed the closing order and absent having to incur the expense of a further independent evaluation, was able to negotiate a side bar agreement of $10,000.00 with the self insured employer.

$188,000.00 November, 2011
The law firm of Calbom & Schwab was able to reach a successful resolution for a client who was injured at a worksite in March of 2009. The client came to the law firm having received serious burns to his foot after stepping into hot liquid in a Washington factory.


$130,000.00  Jan, 2010
Rear-end collision causing physical injuries that resolved in six months, but continued psychiatric injury.

$130,000.00  Jan, 2010
Stopped to make turn when vehicle behind attempted to pass but moved into path of oncoming truck. Injuries to back and ligaments.

$100,000.00  Jan, 2010
Vehicle ran stop sign in front of plaintiff, causing injuries to all three occupants. Policy limits received and divided by plaintiffs.

$160,000.00  March, 2010
County incorrectly applied de-icer to roadway. Plaintiff hit de-icer and lost control, severely injuring right hand.

$63,000.00  May, 2010
Vehicle ran stop sign in front of plaintiff, causing injuries to chest and neck.

$100,000.00  May, 2010
While standing outside plaintiff was hit during scuffle between security and patrol, severely breaking her leg.

$50,000.00  June, 2010
Car crossed center line on bridge, blamed phantom vehicle.  Plaintiff re-injured back.

$37,500.00  July, 2010
Plaintiff traveling on motorcycle behind another motorcycle on two-lane road.  Vehicle passing motorcycles pulled in quickly between the motorcycles, causing the plaintiff to hit his brakes and lose control, resulting in knee surgery.

$31,000.00 July, 2010
Defendant ran stop sign, hitting plaintiff¹s vehicle and aggravating plaintiff¹s prior back injuries.

$200,000.00  Aug, 2010
Two occupants injured in a one car roll over accident.

Pension  Sep, 2010
Client injured lower back while attempting to lift a partially filled bin of cherries. Favorable award: permanently totally disabled worker (pension).

$145,000.00  Oct, 2010
Stopped to make turn when vehicle from opposite direction hit her head-on.  Disk herniation.

$85,000.00  Oct, 2010
Rear-ended by vehicle and pushed into dump truck heading in opposite direction.  Injuries to neck and back.

$300,000.00  Nov, 2010
Semi-Truck made a wide turn into oncoming traffic, hitting plaintiff’s vehicle and causing injuries to head, neck and back.

$95,000.00  Dec, 2010
Temporary worker at plant was severely burned when pressure built up causing a lid to explode.


$56,000.00  Jan, 2009
Hit in head-on by drunk driver, causing fractured leg and broken ribs.

$50,000.00  March, 2009
Passenger in vehicle that lost control.  Broken arm.

$133,000.00  April, 2009
Trucker stooped to assist at accident on icy roads. Another vehicle going too fast came onto accident scene, hitting vehicle and pushing it into truck driver.

$75,000.00  April, 2009
One car rollover due to alcohol.  Severe laceration to plaintiff’s arm.

$200,000.00  June, 2009
Hit head-on by drunk driver.  Broken right foot, severed ear.

$100,000.00  June, 2009
Vehicle pulled out in front of plaintiff, causing severe chest injuries and large hematoma on neck.

$53,000.00  July, 2009
Manufacturing defect of camp trailer step, causing severely broken leg.

$170,000.00  Aug, 2009
One car accident on gravel road. Injuries to spine and nerve damage to leg.

$125,000.00 Sept, 2009
Anesthesiologist gave incorrect medication resulting in death.

$300,000.00  Sept, 2009 Death of nursing home patient due to broken lift.

$36,000.00  Sept, 2009
Rear-ended by truck while stopped with turn signal on.

$86,466.00  Oct, 2009
Vehicle ran stop sign in front of plaintiff, re-injuring her recent low back surgery.

$40,000.00  Dec, 2009
Hit by horse trailer, causing head trauma.


$50,000.00  Jan, 2008
Car in front of plaintiff lost control; plaintiff tried to slow down and lost control, hitting semi-tractor and resulting in head trauma and pain in neck.  Limited policy limits.

$47,000.00  Jan, 2008
Walking to car in parking lot when hit from behind. Fractured foot, broken toes, two bulging discs.

$42,000.00  Jan, 2008
Boat operator towed skier too close to other boat, causing the rope to cross over another boat, catching client’s arm and requiring shoulder surgery.

$123,000.00  Feb, 2008 Single vehicle accident in fog; plaintiff underwent two shoulder surgeries but returned to better paying job.

$120,000.00  Feb, 2008
Small car rear-ended truck, causing it to submarine under the truck, re-injuring the truck driver’s spine.

$100,000.00  March, 2008
Hit by car in high speed chase from police, injuring his ribs and spine.  Limited insurance coverage.

$440,000.00  April, 2008
Plaintiff rear-ended by drunk driver.  Recovery against Taverns and driver.

$67,000.00  May, 2008
Rear-ended causing back/neck/shoulder pain.

$68,250.00  June, 2008
Plaintiff entering onto freeway when he is hit by a tire that came off of a tractor-trailer headed in the opposite direction. Injuries to neck.

$50,000.00  June, 2008
Vehicle tires recently rotated by Les Schwab.  Tire flew off when plaintiff was going down highway.

$45,000.00  June, 2008
Hit from behind in dust storm.  Injuries to neck and spine.

$42,000.00  Aug, 2008
Multi-car accident. Injuries to low back, hips, neck and shoulders.

$207,000.00  Sept, 2008
Plaintiff looses balance and leans on handrail that comes loose from the wall, causing him to fall and requiring back surgery.

$75,000.00  Sept, 2008
Boat/wave runner, driver is alleged to have hit dock, causing passenger to fall off.

$850,000.00  Oct, 2008
Worker fell 40 feet into a pit, sustaining life-threatening injuries.  Liability hotly contested.

$250,000.00  Oct, 2008
Construction worker fell from roof due to improper harness.

$200,000.00  Oct, 2008
Young man hit in crosswalk at night, causing head trauma.

$50,000.00  Oct, 2008
Rear-ended causing inner ear dysfunction, neck, shoulder and spinal injuries.

$49,500.00  Nov, 2008
Deputy Sheriff ran stop sign, hitting plaintiff’s vehicle and causing injuries to her knee, back, shoulders and neck.

2005 – 2007

$275,000.00  Feb, 2005 Phantom vehicle ran truck off roadway, rolling off embankment.

$212,029.00  March, 2005
Allstate Insurance wrongfully evaluates a claim: Soft tissue injury to elderly woman after auto accident. Case went all the way through Supreme Court.

$975,000.00  Nov, 2005
Trucker struck by a forklift from behind, amputating foot.

$550,000.00  Dec, 2005
Vehicle backed over young boy, causing head trauma.

$140,000.00  March, 2006
Fall into county garbage bin, breaking ankle.

$60,000.00  June, 2006
Stool collapsed, causing shoulder injury.

$1,300,000.00  July, 2006
Product defect causing amputation to arm.

$39,500.00  Dec, 2006
Plaintiff shopping for office chair, sat down on chair which was incorrectly put together. Flipped backwards, hitting his head and shoulders.

$700,000.00  Sept, 2007
Auto accident requiring back surgery.

2000 – 2004

$400,000.00  May, 2000
Construction worker falls when leaning on handrail on balcony, fracturing face.

$225,000.00  Aug, 2002
Wrongful death/denial of civil rights.  Plaintiff swallowed drugs during an arrest and was placed in a jail cell. Her request for assistance was ignored, resulting in death.

$450,000.00  Oct, 2002
Forklift released stone onto stonemason causing him to jerk, injuring his neck/back.

$105,000.00  Dec, 2002
Motorcycle lost control due to improperly signed construction area, requiring shoulder surgery.

$100,000.00  Feb, 2003
Sheet metal worker injured arm when he was directed to stand on the job shack, which collapsed.

$200,000.00  April, 2003 Hit by racer on snow ski team, requiring shoulder surgery.

$110,000.00  October, 2003 Multiple car accident due to dust storm.

$450,000.00  Feb, 2004
Auto accident, plaintiff had prior neck and shoulder surgery.  Accident caused increased injury to neck and surgery in good shoulder.

$70,000.00  April, 2004 Minor groomed by sex offender into consenting sexual relationship.

$95,000.00  Sept, 2004 Injured when thrown out of back of pickup coming down a mountain road.