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Wenatchee Worker Compensation Lawyer

Workers in Washington State deserve to be fairly compensated when they’ve been injured on the job, whether they work for a large corporation or a small business. That belief is what drives Calbom & Schwab to protect injured workers’ rights. Our mission is to protect and promote a fair justice system to ensure that anyone harmed at work can obtain justice, even against powerful interests like an employer.

The rules and guidelines pertaining to industrial insurance laws in the State of Washington are a legal quagmire, particularly when coupled with the statutory deadlines on how long an injured worker can wait to file a claim, or protest an adverse decision, or submit payment for medical expenses incurred, or remit travel expense vouchers; etc.. It is no surprise that injured workers seek to hire Calbom & Schwab workers’ compensation attorneys who have mastered the field by years of hands-on experience in the practice of workers’ compensation law.

When we come on-board, we do the talking. We become your voice when negotiating with the Department of labor and Industries or your self-insured employer. Call us for a consultation.

Wenatchee Personal Injury Lawyer

If you have been seriously harmed in any way and feel that you deserve justice, contact Calbom & Schwab, P.S.C.. Using our knowledge of personal injury law, speaking with insurance companies and doing the necessary research, our personal injury lawyers will work to get you the money you deserve. We offer a free initial consultation to answer your questions and welcome the opportunity to show you what we are all about.

Take the time to get to know us. If we are unable to help you, we will either provide a referral or a list of suggestions that may help you handle the matter on your own.

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