Option 1 and Option 2 Vocational Plans

If you’ve suffered an on-the-job injury and not able to return to any work you’ve done in the last 15 years, you may be entitled to vocational rehabilitation benefits. If you are determined to be in need of vocational retraining, a vocational counselor will be assigned to you to assist you in choosing a retraining… Read More

When are Department Orders final

If you have a worker’s compensation claim, whether a State Fund claim or a Self-Insured Employer claim, it is the Department of Labor and Industries that has the duty to issue orders on your claim. These orders are important to your claim and provided only a 60 day period during which you, or your employer,… Read More

Medical treatment when DLI claim is closed

Recently, our office pursued lengthy appeal reached all the way to the state’s court. He appealed out with an interpretation of RCW 51.36.010. We believed that a reasonable interpretation of the statute would allow discretionary medical coverage for “life-threatening conditions” are not only persons will be placed on the pension rolls, but also to allow… Read More

Finding a Medical Provider that is Approved by Labor & Industries

For injured workers, the rules have changed in who can provide treatment. In the past, an injured worker could choose any doctor. Whether the worker was compensated for their travel expense was sometimes an issue for workers but so long as the medical provider (doctor, PAC, ARNP, psychologist, for example) had a provider number from… Read More

Vocational Retraining by the Department of Labor & Industries

I often get phone calls from potential clients who are trying to understand what the Department of Labor and Industries, or the assigned vocational counselor, is doing when a plan for vocational retraining is being proposed. Their rights and responsibilities and their options, specifically a right to “opt out” of vocational services is truly a… Read More